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Eastern Kentucky Football Player Body Slams Police Officer

In Grove City, Ohio Monday Morning. A EKU Football Player Michael Harris got into an altercation with Police with ended in his arrest but not before he Suplexed a officer.

Harris a 19 Y/O Man from Atlanta Formerly Paid for Auburn and Transferred to EKU. he is 6'3 175 Pounds. According to WBNS Harris was being aggressive at a business in which he didn't not work at.

After responded to the to the business on north Meadows Drive, officers believe Harris was intoxicated. It was not said what exactly led to the physical confrontation but as seen in the video Harris appeared to cover his face from spray and Slammed the officer. Back up quickly arrived to arrest Harris.

It is said Harris is being held in Franklin County Jail Facing Charges, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, obstruction of official business, and assault of a police officer.

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