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LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards. Who's your Rookie of the Year?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

I'm pretty sure most reading this had their doubts about LaMelo Ball and Anthony Edwards transition into the NBA, but we are not here for that. As you know both players have been balling out of their minds, Edwards drafted #1 buy the Minnesota T'Wolves is averaging 18 points 4 rebounds and 3 assist per game while playing 30 mins a game starting in 43 out of the 60 games he has played with the wolves. Ball who missed the last 17 games due to a fractured right wrist, has just been cleared for individual basketball activities was averaging 16 points 6 rebounds and 6 assist per game, playing 29 mins a game starting in just 21 out of 41 games he's played in.

Ant Man has been the leading candidate for ROTY since Melo was sidelined. Even though playing on a much better team with Kat and D'Lo, Edwards record in the games he plays in is 16-44. While Ball 20-21 with the hornets. LaMelo is set to return in the next 7-10 days, Melo's return could make a huge difference in the ROTY race. The Hornets are in playoff contention and Melo being the best overall player on the Hornets could make their playoff dreams come true. Owner Michael Jordan should be pleased with the rookies game and eagerness to get back out on the court.

Edwards has been putting up great numbers as expected, recently posting his 13th 25 plus point game. He has 2 Double-Doubles this year compared to LaMelos 7 and 1 triple double. Fans have also recently start to question Edwards shooting selection (40% from the field and 32% from the 3), which comes no surprise to me if you had paid attention to him at UGA.

Bottom line is what do you value more, wins or stats. in that case Melo wins in both categories. Who is your ROTY??

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