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Scrubb finishes with 30 plus in win on Friday night

Jay Scrubb, the 6-foot-6 sophomore guard finished with 34 points, seven rebounds, and two steals in the win over Columbia State. Scrubb was relentless in attacking the basket as he made 21 trips to the free throw line on Friday night. Scrubb had an off night shooting the three ball as he was only able to convert on one of his four attempts from long range. Scrubb was very good when driving to his left and he even had several nice finishes while drawing fouls. Scrubb really turned things up coming out of the halftime break as he blocked a shot, finished off a transition opportunity with a nice pass, and hit a tough pull up jumper. However, Scrubb did struggle in the second half as he tried to do too much and over dribbled at times. While it wasn’t Scrubb’s best showing, the Louisville commit has a really smooth game and showed off his scoring ability in spurts. It will be rather interesting to see how he develops over the next six months and what will come of the NBA Draft process for him.

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