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Stripper Who Fell From pole Secures GoFundME BAG 💰

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

Genea is a Dancer from Dallas, TX who Went VIRAL Sunday Evening From a Twitter video Posted of 1 of her dance stunts gone Tragically wrong.

Twitter user @XVREAE posted this video sunday Evening of Genea falling from her dance pole!

The Video is now Approaching 9 Million Views on twitter alone. Genea Whos twitter name is @Genea_Sky Got ahold of the video letting People know that was her in the video and she had Fractured her Jaw.

The video hit the Internet and mostly people making jokes of the situation. 50 Cent posted on Instagram that she looked dead and her nerves starting making her tweark.

She then updated viewers that she was NOT Ok by tweeting. "Yes, I fell off the pole. Yes, I fractured my jaw. NO, I’m not fucking okay. And there’s absolutely NOTHING funny about this situation. This is the worst pain I’ve ever felt and I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone." She had to have surgery today and posted a videos of the aftermath.

Well that same day a quick thinking friend of Genea put together a GofundMe for her her medical Expenses ( Genea Tweeted that she did not ask for money but did include her Ca$happ info )

The GoFundMe had a goal of $20k but that was surpassed reaching $25,537 and COUNTING.

Also Genea Tweeted that she been uplifted by all the support that she has received and that she will continue dancing at XTC Cabaret in Dallas, TX. She came up of a Horrible Accident.

Also here is a video of some of her performance before the accident. and a dumb video of me tying to be serious and my dumb ass friend making me laugh. SMHH

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